Breakfast on the go!

My Blueberry & Raspberry Porridge Square


These guys are awesome! They are so quick and easy to make, and will sort you out every morning if you are one of those people that never find time to eat breakfast, or are always running late – i’m very much the latter!

The oats provide slow releasing energy throughout the morning, while the berries serve up a dose of your essential vitamins and minerals to kick start the day! I sometime keep a few in my bag to snack on.

If you are one of the breakfast jumpers as above or just fancy trying something new in the morning, check out my recipe below. They take 10 mins to whip up, and will save your precious hours each morning to either hit the gym or just sleep through and snooze a little longer than normal!

Hope you enjoy ūüôā

The Recipe

What you need to make 12 big squares

  • 300g of jumbo oats
  • 1 1/2 cups of blueberries and raspberries
  • 200ml of plant milk (i use oat milk)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla powder
  • 100ml maple syrup

Equipment – food processor

What you need to do:

Preheat the oven to 180¬įC and line a tin with baking paper.

Add all of the ingredients apart from 1/2 a cup of the berries to the food processor and pulse until all ingredients are mixed evenly. Don’t mix too much otherwise a dense paste will form.

Finally stir in the last of the berries whole, and add the mix to the baking tin.

Cook for 20-25 mins, until you can pull out a knife cleanly. Remove from the tin and allow to cool before cutting into squares. Store in the fridge for up to 1 week.

Top Tip

You can also use frozen berries, i usually do as they are much cheaper and retain more the the nutrients, as they are frozen straight from picking.

Raw Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Cake


Mother’s Day calls for something special, and what better than a delicious indulgent cake to share with everyone? My peanut butter chocolate brownie cake is a real deal breaker – it’s so rich and gooey, no one even realises it’s made purely from raw plant ingredients. It’s completely gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! As it doesn’t need any baking, you can whip it up in a matter of minuets and top as you wish to suit the party. For Mother’s Day, i topped mine with fresh Spring flowers as every mum loves fresh flowers and¬†it’s just that time of year!

If you fancy giving it a go and testing your friends and family out on a pure plant cake, tell them you are brining dessert and don’t tell them the secret ingredients until the very end. I can guarantee you they will be so surprised, and even want to try out some new recipes themselves.

You can find my recipe on the recipe page of my blog. I hope you enjoy!


Can Nutella really be good for you?


We can’t deny it, there is something so good about eating Nutella with a teaspoon straight from the jar. Its so rich and creamy and before you know it, you’ve hit the bottom. But can this stuff really be as good for you as they make out on the ads? Its suggested that there are about 5 hazelnuts in one tablespoon of good old Nutella, along with a load of other ingredients including whey powder, refined sugars, processed palm oil and some additives. It doesn’t sound all bad, but this stuff is still processed, and the nutrition from the nuts is pretty minimal, with the added nasties outweighing the benefits. So how would you feel if i told you, you could eat this delicious stuff, without the guilt, and know that its delivering amazing nutrients to your body, including a load of healthy plant proteins and good fats that will keep your sugar levels stable, releasing energy steadily throughout the day.

Well I’ve been experimenting in my kitchen and have managed to created the most delicious hazelnut chocolate spread, made out of 3 raw ingredients. Thats it! And its jam packed full of the good stuff. Hazelnuts which are high in vitamin E and fibre, raw Cacao rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, and manganese (considered a bit of a super food!) and maple syrup which unlike processes sugars, provides slow releasing¬†energy along with the added benefits of¬†lots antioxidants¬†and minerals. In comparison, my version has got double the amount of hazelnuts per tablespoon, and non of the added extras! Not only this but its gluten, refined sugar and dairy free. It tastes incredibly pure and rich, meaning you don’t need as much to get your sweet¬†fix!

So if you fancy swapping the pre-made stuff with something a bit more natural and nutritious – try out my recipe! It can be found on the recipe page of my blog.

Our Daily Superfood


Life without bread isn’t worth living. Its always the supporting act to any meal and deserves some recognition every now and then. Our daily bread provides the ultimate¬†vessels to escort some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients and foods. Think soups, sarnine’s, spreads and dips, the list is endless!

When i first started embracing a plant based way of living, one of the first things i had to figure out was how i could create a delicious and nutritious alternative to the bread we all love.

Pretty much all breads you buy in the supermarkets can be full of nasties including added sweeteners, salt and preservatives. If you are gluten intolerant, the gluten free breads are pretty awful too. They are made from a load of chemicals to substitute the gluten that gives bread its structure and consistency.

If you can, its always best to make a loaf from scratch. You can also make a loaf, pre-slice and freeze it, so you always have some available. My superfood bread is so tasty,  packed full of plant proteins, 100% gluten, dairy and sugar free, and is so rich, you only need a few thin slices to satisfy your fix. Its perfect for dipping in soups, toasting and smothering in your favourite spread or dipping into a hummus (and anything else you can think of).

If you fancy swapping you daily bread for a healthy nutritious alternative, you can find my recipe here on my recipe page. I hope you enjoy it!

My Pecan and Mixed Seed Granola


This granola is honestly sometimes¬†the last thing i¬†think about before falling asleep at¬†night. I can’t wait for the morning so i can dive into¬†a bowl topped with oat milk, raisins and some fresh banana, while sipping on my berry tea. Its the simplest thing to whip up, and making from scratch guarantees its only packed full of natural ingredients, rather than lots of processed sugars, fats and added salts, like most shop bought cereals.

The nuts and seeds in this recipe are jam packed full of plant proteins, fibres, Omega-3 and vitamin E, not to mention the manganese and magnesium. The array of nuts, seeds and coconut oil ensure there is a wide range of nutrients to feed your body the right way, giving you plenty of energy and the extra perks of glossy hair, strong nails and beautiful skin! Its the perfect start to my morning and gives me great energy to survive my busy schedule.

You can find my recipe on my recipe page here.¬†I hope you enjoy! ūüôā

My Apple and Cardamon Compote


This compote is so delicious and super easy to make. It’s tasty as a topping on porridge or spread on rye bread. I also¬†love mixing it into some coconut yogurt. Apple compotes and sauces are also a great ingredient to to be used in baking as a natural sweeter or as a binding agent. I always have some in a jar in my fridge for sugar emergencies.

You can find the recipe for my apple and cardamon compote on my recipe page here.

Pesto Pasta Bowl


My homemade pesto is unlike anything else in this world. It’s so heavenly and rich and unbelievably easy to make. ¬†Pre made¬†pestos taste ok, but they are often full of preservatives and use dried herbs and spices, plus many include cheese, so if you are the “V” word like me, you can’t use them in your cooking. If you have the time, its totally worth making your own. Pesto is so handy to have and will store in your fridge for a few weeks. After a long days work when the last thing you want to do is cook up a meal from scratch, all you need to do is chuck on some pasta, cut up a few veggies and stir in a giant dollop of your pesto. You’ve made yourself a nutritions tasty¬†meal in 10 minutes.

Pesto is also full of really heathy fats from the pine nuts, and great vitamins from the fresh basil (and mint in this one).  My recipe is super simple, involves a few easy to source ingredients and a food processor.

Check out how to make my delicious Pesto Pasta Bowl on my recipe page here.

Crazy about Kale


Before exploring the world of plant based cooking I had never even hear of kale, and now I cant get enough of the green stuff. I eat it pretty much every single day, either in a delicious salad, blended into smoothies, stirred into stews or as part of a tasty stir fry. The great thing about kale is you can get it from pretty much any supermarket, its not too expensive and can be so versatile. It can be eaten either raw or cooked. This awesome leafy veggie is jam packed full of an array of key vitamins and minerals and its also pretty high in protein and fibre. My favourite way to eat this super food is by smothering¬†in a delicious dressing, then throwing in a few veggies and pulses such as chickpeas. It’s perfect for quick lunches on the go and doesn’t go limp and soggy like most leafy greens. One of my absolute favourites¬†is my Kale, Avocado and Roasted Seeds with a Lime and Tahini Dressing. The citrus fruit allows the raw kale to soften and the tahini give it a really rich creamy texture. The key is to massage the kale, which again tenderises the leaves, making them super yummy. I really hope i can inspire anyone who’s never tried it to give it a go. It’s great stuff!

So there you have it, a blog about kale. I didn’t ever think that would happen…

You can find my Kale, Avocado and Roasted Seeds with a Lime and Tahini Dressing on my recipe page here.

My Vanilla Cashew Butter


I can’t get enough of my creamy vanilla cashew butter. Its just too good. I dollop it as a topping on my porridge, spread on absolutely everything, and i often devour a whole pot by itself using a trusty teaspoon. The best thing about it, is that it’s super healthy, yet tastes so naughty. Cashews are full of vitamins and plant proteins to keep your skin and hair glossy, giving you good energy throughout the day. The natural creaminess of the cashews and the richness of the vanilla make it taste sweet, without adding any natural sweetness, so there is no need for any added sugars. Its so simple and easy to make, all you need is some cashews, vanilla and a good food processor, then you are away.

Check out how to make it on my recipe page.

Creamy Almond Milk

IMG_0478I love my homemade almond milk. It’s so rich and creamy and can be used in so many different recipes. I add it to my porridge, smoothies, make creamy hot chocolate and is a great ingredient for baking. Almond milk, and pretty much all nut and plant based milks available in the shops are made with about 2% nut or plant ingredients, and the rest is made up of stabilisers, flavourings and other nasties. If you can, it is much better to make your own. This way, you know exactly whats in it, and can be sure that you will be feeding your body all of the wonderful nutrients in raw milks.

Find out how to make it on my recipe page.